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04 July 2015 @ 11:00 am
Drabble #390  
Minna, hello!

It's been awhile, but fear not, TegoPi are back for a quick stop!

Ready for a little yummy TegoPi sweetness? ^__^

You’re back!”

Tegoshi grinned. He hadn’t expected Yamapi to return two days earlier. Without a thought, he jumped off the sofa and nearly yanked his lunch sandwich, the half-empty cup of tea and the red scented candle off the table with the motion. It hardly mattered; his boyfriend was home!

Yamapi beamed a blinding smile at him, and his breath caught in his throat. His entire world still melted away when those dark eyes were directed at him. Dropping both medium-sized golden-brown Louis Vuitton bags on the glass dining table, Yamapi strutted past the kitchen and straight into Tegoshi’s impatient embrace. He wrapped his arms loosely around Yamapi’s waist and nuzzled his strong chest, whispering, “Missed you like crazy.”

With a low sigh he pressed his cheek closer against the soft brown and orange sweatshirt, his fingers gently digging into his boyfriend’s faded jeans. Then he tugged him closer still.

Me too, babe. Me too.” Yamapi said gruffly, his sexy voice going deep and low, sending a wave of tingles down Tegoshi’s spine. He was glad Yamapi held onto him as well, because his legs went suddenly all wobbly. Carding his free hand through Tegoshi’s hair, he tucked a semi-long strand behind his ear. Yamapi loved to do that, despite knowing it would slip and fall right back into his face again.

They stood like that for long moments, taking in each other’s presence, scent and absorbing one another’s warmth. Having the other man in his arms made him feel all the more worked-up, buzzing with excitement and nearly dizzy from the anticipation.

Can we… Will you… Mmm, I want…” Damn, his mind was spinning so fast he couldn’t even decide where to start or what to ask for. He just wanted Yamapi. Lifting his gaze to meet Yamapi’s he nearly whimpered; the heated look on his face turned his knees right into jelly.

What do you need, angel?” Yamapi slid his fingers through Tegoshi’s blond hair, again and again. His delicious mouth now so close, his solid chest right there, and he wanted to melt into him. The other hand came to rest near his ear, his thumb gently stroking his cheekbones. His tongue darted out to wet his lips. Tegoshi suddenly felt shy.

I don’t know,” he whispered. “I don’t care what we do. I don’t know how to put it into words. Just... I love feeling how I feel when I’m with you– what you give me when I’m with you.”

He felt the shiver that ran through Yamapi, his fingers gently gripping his slim waist. “Right now, how do you feel about me tying you up?”

The sugary sweet purr against his lips, his chin made his knees weak and caused his pulse to speed up. Oh yeah, the blue silky tie was his favorite. The look on his lover’s face when he held him in place, the softness of the tie squeezing, holding his wrists together– God, it was unbelievably sexy.

You know it’s incredible when you tie me up.” Delicious and satisfying. “Mmm, yeah. Do it. Make me feel free. Make me soar. I love how you can rip me open and soothe me at the same time.”

Yamapi growled and pulled him flush against his warm body. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

With his cheek pressed tightly against Yamapi’s shoulder, and their bodies touching from knee to toe, Tegoshi felt every quick rise and fall of his chest. Strong arms holding him upright, steady. The rapid beating of his heart sent tiny waves of pleasure and contentment through his own body, and he wished they could stay like this forever.

Ti amo,” Yamapi whispered against his temple. “Ti amo, mio tesoro.”

My treasure. Tegoshi didn’t know when, or why he’d learned Italian but right this moment it didn’t matter. His breath suddenly caught and tears instantly stung in his eyes, nearly flooding over at the ridiculously sweet endearment.

Each and every day he loved him more. In a wondrous, thousand different ways he never knew existed.

Tegoshi stared into his glittering eyes, craving his warmth and generous affection, and kissed him. The kiss was neither hard nor fast nor furious, just gentle and loving. His body trembled with pleasure as he swept his lips over Yamapi’s beautiful, honey-like mouth. As always, he gave himself over completely to their kisses.

Mmm-mm,” he murmured against his boyfriend’s warm and moist lips. An even wetter tongue touched his own, warm, trembling bottom lip and a sudden jolt of electricity shot down his spine, setting fire to his groin, and he groaned.

Yamapi ran a loving hand down his chest, his sides and cupped his bulging crotch. “Mine and no one else’s, right?”

His hips involuntarily bucked into the teasing touch. The deep growl in his voice made Tegoshi’s toes curl and his heart beat twice as fast. A wicked grin spread across Yamapi’s handsome face, and he arched his back, moaning and pressing up further into his kneading hand. “Since the moment we met.”

His hips bucked again and he held on to Yamapi’s strong arms. Blinking heavy-lidded eyes he guided Tegoshi toward the large white leather sofa and gently lowered him down. The slight chill of its slick surface against his bare arms and legs sent an exciting rush through his body. Goosebumps raised down his neck and spine. Slightly dizzy and just a little breathless, he pulled Yamapi toward him onto the sofa, closer and closer so he could kiss the living daylights out of him.

Lowering himself onto Tegoshi, Yamapi brought their groins together. Alining their confined cocks, they rocked into each other. Deep, sucking, desperate melting kisses and many maddening gropes and squeezes later, Yamapi eventually lifted up for air and stared down at him. Tegoshi felt his heart skip a beat. He smiled lazily back at those bright, shining brown eyes that seemed to always hold all the answers in the entire universe just for him to be heard.

He touched a shaky hand to Yamapi’s sweatshirt covered, heaving chest. His lover sucked in a breath and his eyes sparkled even brighter as he pressed his palm flat against the ribcage holding his steadily pounding heart.

Show me how badly you missed me,” he breathed huskily.

Eager as ever, Yamapi crawled all the way over him and pushed him gently into the bouncy cushions, kissing him tender and slow and deep, wet with tongues and teeth. Mmm. He always tasted so much like love. Sweet and warm, comforting and caring. Like happiness and trust, sunshine and forever.

His heart pounded crazily within the confines of his chest, and an almost forgotten scene of the day they first moved in together flashed before his closed eyes, bright and clear as it were yesterday. They’d been unpacking their CD’s and books, the bright yellow walls of their newly painted apartment surrounding them, giving it an already homey, well lived in feeling with the bright afternoon sun reflecting on the floor-to-ceiling mirror opposite their bed. He’d stepped back when they were done emptying boxes, and he’d noticed they had doubles of almost all of their favorite novels. He remember thinking to himself, ‘hell yeah, he’s definitely the one’.

Damn, Yuya,” Yamapi half moaned into his open mouth. “So fine. You taste so good.”

A small whimper escaped him when Yamapi roughly sucked on his tongue before pressing their lips together again in a soul-searing, toe-curling and mind-numbing kiss. Then he made this goddamn sexy low sound, all want and need, and Tegoshi felt his cheeks heat, his own passion rising higher with each lick into his mouth. Yamapi always made him feel safe, safer and more cared for than he’d thought possible. Alone in the way Yamapi kissed him– and Gods did he kiss him– it was as if his only goal in life was to give Tegoshi everything he had, and so much more.

Lifting his head just slightly, Yamapi moved away from his lips. Slowly, he placed tiny, quick kisses along his cheek, jaw and back until he reached his ears. He couldn’t help squirming underneath his boyfriend when that wet tongue toyed with his sensitive lobe. Yamapi chuckled. He also felt the wicked smile against his skin– warm, moist lips pressing sweetly against his burning cheek. A whimper escaped him. Damn it all to hell– he was so turned on he thought he might combust any second now.

Yamapi’s hand came up, and he buried his fingers in his hair, holding him close. Taking a deep breath, and another, he could smell the heated scent of his lover– heady and addicting. He’d never be able to get enough. He’d always be wanting more.

He remembered the many times Yamapi stood by him, backed-up his decisions and ideas. Yamapi always supported him unconditionally. He’d laugh right along his dumbest jokes when nobody else would, and he’d go along with his pranks, no matter how stupid. And they always were. Yamapi had been his rock, a welcome shelter and his home for many years.

Realistically, he knew this couldn't last forever. But for now, and for as long as he could hold onto those feelings, he’d decided that they were still so, so young and strong and beautifully in love and the world was their garden. And they’d make the most of it.

Another deep and delicious kiss stole his breath as Yamapi recklessly rolled his hips against his lower abdomen, vainly seeking proper friction. Damn. There were way too many layers of clothing between their bodies. Both let out a desperate moan when it just wasn’t enough, and they made quick work of stripping each other naked. Tegoshi threw a quick, appreciative glance at his lover’s beautiful body before he was pushed backwards and his naked back and ass connected with the chilly leather sofa. Tegoshi chuckled. Yamapi appeared to be too eager to be admired just now. Well, he could live with that.

After many years of partnership, Yamapi’s hands were familiar now; broad and inquisitive, always gentle and curious. With a wicked smile on his full lips, Yamapi’s wonderful hands delved into the dips of his body as if exploring him for the first time. A full body shudder ran through Tegoshi, and he couldn't hold back the low moan that had been begging to be set free.

He gasped when those talented hands squeezed his thighs, the long fingers digging into his heated skin, carefully and so eager. They rose goosebumps as they slid up and over his hips, left marks where the nails dug too deeply into his skin.

You are going to kill me, you know.”

The wicked smile on his lover’s lips told him that he hadn’t even started yet. While one hand traveled down his side, the other collected Tegoshi's left wrist and moved it above his head. Eagerly he raised his right arm to meet Yamapi so he could hold onto both of them. Anticipation made his body rock and shudder the moment long fingers wrapped tightly around his skin, pressing his hands into the leather and pillows beneath.

Yamapi took charge, held him in place and pressed his body flush against his own. Hot lips closed around the spot where his jaw began and sucked hungrily at his skin. Heat rose deep within him, his vision becoming blurry. Failing to focus on anything but the slowly building pleasure, his eyes quickly fluttered shut. A gasp escaped him. Shit. The delicious, rough friction Yamapi was creating– one hand pressing their cocks together– was going to drive him over the edge way to fast.     

I don’t think I can let go of you long enough for me to tie you up,” Yamapi breathed. “You’re so hot, babe. So pretty, with your flushed cheeks, panting like you’ve just run a marathon.” His fingers firmly squeezed Tegoshi’s wrists, digging them deeper into the pillow above his head. “Wiggling your sexy ass on the leather for me like that. Your eyes so bright and damp, silently begging me to play with you.”

With a firm roll of his hips Yamapi set up a slow, controlled, mind-numbing pace, thrusting against his slick cock, holding them both together, connecting them. Tegoshi pressed his eyes shut. He met his thrusts with impatient, uncoordinated humps of his own. The slick rub of skin against skin slowly set his body on fire.

I’ll play with you, angel.”

Tegoshi’s eyes shot open. A firm squeeze and rub of a sharp nail sent an amazingly hot thrill down his spine, making his toes curl. Yamapi breathed in deeply with that sexy, dazed expression that drove him crazy every damned time. Then sucked in his bottom lip, biting on it slightly.

Yes. Shit,” he growled. His hips bucked up to meet his lover. “Touch me like that. Again.”

Tegoshi moaned and Yamapi complied. One hand pressed his crossed wrists hard into the pillow, the other teased that sensitive spot somewhere between his balls and ass crack. Yamapi’s hot palm slid around to cup his balls, sending a jolt up his already tingling spine. Tegoshi grunted and pushed up against his lover. Yamapi smiled with evident satisfaction.

His eyes fluttered shut again, his toes curling so hard he thought they might break. Then there were more teasing touches. Feather light and goosebumps-raising, then sharp, almost stinging and shit– the tingling sensation; he felt it vibrate through every little cell of his body down, deep, so very deep into his bones.

He snapped his eyes open in horror; Yamapi’s firm grip was suddenly gone, and his body heat and weight exchanged for air, nothing but cold air.

Sorry, babe.” His lover’s familiar face hovered above him only mere seconds later. “Had to get this before I’d get carried away. Too far.” Yamapi waved a tiny travel sized bottle of what appeared to be lubrication in small circles before Tegoshi’s nose. He caught the bottle and stilled Yamapi’s hand, reading the bright lettered label.


A grin spread across his lover’s flushed cheeks. “Thought you might like it.”

Tegoshi chuckled. “Definitely.” He couldn’t wait to taste it on his lover. “When you’ve done me right and proper, love, you know where that slick is going next, don’t you?”

It wasn’t a question, really. They both knew that once he’d been well fucked, he’d want to claim his favorite dessert. He’d be in charge the next round. Yamapi growled in understanding, his eyes shining with anticipation. Crouching before him, Yamapi took hold of both his legs and pushed them against Tegoshi’s belly. He held on to them while he’d be prepped. Hopefully quick as a flash.

Popping the lip open, Yamapi poured a big dollop in his palms and reached for his entrance. One finger brushed his opening, rubbing, circling. A second quickly joined in and teased him open, slowly, pushing past the stubborn ring of muscles one after the other. Tegoshi bit his lip, let go of his legs and gripped a pillow above his head instead. Yamapi already had him panting and arching his back.

A cold, slick hand gently nudged his legs apart. Yamapi moved forward, twisting his fingers expertly inside him, every now and then rubbing across his magic spot. Teasingly, enough to slowly build his excitement, causing his cock to leak deliciously but not enough to do too much damage yet.

Okay, so where were we?” Yamapi said, his voice going all dark and deep, sounding as hot and sexy as ever. Tegoshi shivered, the predatory look in his lover’s deep brown eyes always did that to him.

You were about to show me how much you’ve been missing me the past week.”

He lifted his legs to make enough room for Yamapi to fully kneel between his spread legs. The sofa was thankfully big. That always came in handy when they cuddled in front of the TV. Or had wild, earth-shattering sex and fell asleep afterwards, which was hopefully going to happen any time soon. Yamapi bumped his knees to each side, spreading him open as wide as manageable. Reaching out, his hands found Yamapi’s strong arms and he held on lightly.

Yamapi leaned forward and trailed small, sweet kisses from his face over his throat until he reached Tegoshi’s left shoulder. Then he bent toward his right side and pressed a swift kiss on top of that shoulder as well. His hot and heavy cock twitched against Tegoshi’s skin where it nestled teasingly in the crook of his hips. Damn. He hated how much Yamapi enjoyed toying with him.

You can pamper me later.” Tegoshi grinned, still somewhat amused. “Right now,” he paused for emphasis. “I’d really like for you to fuck my brains out, darlin’.” He smoothed his hands over Yamapi’s back and gave his ass a quick squeeze.

Sure thing, babe.” Yamapi growled. His coal black hair fell forward, soft locks brushing his long lashes, and Tegoshi’s breath caught in his throat when those deep, brown eyes locked on his. He meant business now. The sweet, liquid heat of his lover’s gaze caused his skin to tingle all over. He wanted to let go and fall into those orbs, sink deep, deep into the large pools of passion and love. He fucking needed to be enveloped by its scorching heat, drown in it and never crawl back out.

He caught Tegoshi’s mouth in a brief kiss. “Let’s play some.”

Yamapi then pushed him until his naked back hit the chilly leather again, crawled over him, both of Tegoshi’s legs wrapped securely around his lover’s strong waist. “Mmm, yeah,” he hummed. The slick head of his lover’s thick cock nudged his entrance and stayed there, burning against his tingling hole. Yamapi reached for both his hands and brought them into his favorite position right above his head. With a gentle shove he secured Tegoshi’s wrists, pressing them deep into a pillow. He could hardly take the teasing and anticipation on a good day. He felt like he might crawl out of his skin if Yamapi didn’t fuck him right this instant.

They locked gazes and Yamapi rolled his hips enough for him to carefully breach Tegoshi, slowly slipping and sliding home. His skin tingled, legs squeezing Yamapi. Then he pulled back just a little, a damn teasing bit, before pushing back in and then again, before going all the way. Out and back in. And again.

Oh fuck. So good.

The slow, steady rhythm took his breath away. And he met every one of his long, powerful thrusts. Then Yamapi bucked his hips in a different angle and Tegoshi saw stars. Oh, yes. “That’s it.” Shit. He was already fucking breathless, panting like an amateur runner.

Feel how much I missed you?” Yamapi lowered himself down onto his arms, still holding him in place with a fierce grip on his wrists. Hopefully it will leave bruises. “Can you feel it, angel?”

Yeah. Fucking feel it.” Tegoshi half growled, half moaned. “More. Want to feel more.”

Yamapi caught his lips in a bruising kiss, letting go with one hand but still holding him effectively still. His arms already ached and the need to break free grew stronger and more urgent with every hard thrust of his lover’s rigid cock. His hole burned pleasantly too. Yamapi ran his other hand down Tegoshi’s neck, squeezing his shoulder and then sank his fingers into his hair. He loved when Yamapi tugged at them as roughly as he fucked him. It was especially thrilling with his hands restrained. Damn he loved that man.

Make me forget my name,” he breathed heavily. “Forget everything. I want to forget everything until there is nothing left in my brain but you.”

And he knew how good Yamapi was at doing just that. They’d had enough time to learn each other inside and out. By now they knew each other’s kinks and dislikes– he knew exactly what turned his lover on and what would drive him bat-shit crazy, and vice versa.

Make me feel free, like I am flying and never touch the ground again.”

He didn’t need the fucking ground– all he wanted was to soar and break free.

His voice sounded hoarse and needy to his own ears. He’d feel embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that Yamapi had seen him like this– driven close to insanity by his need and love for him– a million times and then some.

He needed to run wild with Yamapi by his side.

Yamapi rolled his hips faster, his breath hot on his neck, his teeth sharp when they bit his skin. And his tongue hot and wet and reassuring as he licked it all better. Almost there. He could already taste it, the bittersweet spice of heaven. Yamapi let go of his wrists and brought both his hands to Tegoshi’s throat, squeezing lightly. The comfort of his lover’s touch so important it filled is eyes with silent tears. He slotted his mouth against Yamapi’s, fitting his lower lip into the dip beneath his as if they were two pieces to a puzzle.

White spots danced before his eyes, mingling with tears and obscuring his vision. Damn it all to hell. He wanted to see Yamapi lose it too, but it was impossible to keep his eyes open when his lover was doing him so perfectly. His world spiraled out, and he could feel Yamapi following close behind, drawn along a million electric starbursts streaming right from the very center of his being. Biting the middle of his lower lip, Tegoshi blindly toppled over the edge. A buzzing feeling like a gazillion electroshocks mingled with the addictive sensation of flight, loss of any control and pure bliss left him panting and cursing as it slowly subsided and he drifted back down to earth and reality.

Almost desperately, Tegoshi pushed up against Yamapi’s body to draw out the last moments of delight. He kissed Tegoshi’s neck, gently, and waves of heat flashed right through him, all the way from his head to his toes. It took them long moments of blissful silence to catch their breaths and gather their wits.

Looking down at him, Yamapi hummed, and Tegoshi ran his free hand through Yamapi’s dark curls. They were always so soft and shiny and smelled like caramel. Finally he’d have some time to admire the man who’d been the center of his life for as long as he could remember. He looked so gorgeous, all flushed cheeks and tousled hair falling over his dark eyes. That lazy, satisfied expression on his face did things to his soul he didn’t dare giving a name.

This will never get old, will it?” Reaching out again, he caressed his boyfriend’s warm and slightly damp cheek, loosing himself in the feeling of soft, heated skin.

Abso-fucking-lutely not,” he grunted and Tegoshi caught a glimpse of the most beautiful smile before their mouths collided in yet another soul-searing, heart-stopping and mind-blowing kiss.

Yes. He’ll so never get enough of that man.


Squeezing in next to him on the barely large enough sofa, Yamapi hugged him close, his expression still somewhat dazed but deeply pleased. “Remember that beach where we saw those baby turtles way back– what? Fifty years ago?”

It wasn't that long ago,” Tegoshi chuckled. “Though it really feels that way, doesn’t it?”

A smile spread across his face, recalling the beauty of that day, and how in love they already were. The brilliant blue skies and white sandy beach had been as breathtaking and seemed just as endless as their love.

Fifty years, and just yesterday.” Yamapi smiled fondly. Tegoshi shivered slightly as he carded long, gentle fingers through his damp hair.

I wish it had been yesterday,” Tegoshi said softly. “That day, that vacation… It was– just perfect.”

He didn’t know why Yamapi brought up that day, other than that he knew for a fact it was both their favorite get-away. He felt his chest swell and his heart stutter. Maybe his usually grumpy boyfriend felt just as sentimental as he did right now.

I know.” Yamapi tugged at a few strands of his hair, his deep gaze nearly taking his breath away. “But you know it doesn’t matter, right? This– you and me–,” he placed his hand under Tegoshi’s chin and kissed him sweetly. This will never get old. In any whatsoever. And you’re still an eyeful, babe.” A wicked grin spread across Yamapi’s face. “I’d be stupid to get rid of you just yet.”

Tegoshi snorted and poked his shoulder affectionately. “Luckily you’re still not so bad yourself either.”

Yamapi grinned satisfied. Leaning over, he pressed a tender kiss on Tegoshi’s forehead. Then his cheek. Then his other, his nose and finally his lips.

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