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23 August 2013 @ 12:17 pm
Drabble #388  
Trying to bring you the rest of the FINAL of

->This (#4) This (#3) This (#2) and This (#1)

OK - ALL - DONE!!! :)

By the way; I'd like to thank (or rather GREET) everyone who came around to read with us ^_^
After four years I still don't know many of you readers, which is a bit sad to be honest.
I know from a few 'sources' that there are still quite a few people enjoying to read about TegoPi..
- yet I hardly know anyone! Many friends switched to other "pairings" over the years and all that..
Leaving me to think I am the only one (besides my best friend) who really LOVES TegoPi.

It doesn't really matter that much, I haven't stopped writing completely even
if it seems it's all just for my own amusement, which sort of it is, really =D

It's not that I am looking for praise, that's totally not it.
I just think it would be nice to hear your voices, if you read that is.
I always welcome critism of any kind. I know my english isn't perfect, it might not even be very good =D

Since I do LOVE TegoPi a whole damn lot,
I am happy hearing from others who love them too, that's all.

The older singer grinned teasingly and pulled his boyfriend close enough for his chin to bump against his. Then he aimed right for his incredibly sexy parted lips and kissed him hungrily. Enjoying the freedom his hands finally had gotten back, Yamapi pressed Tegoshi’s naked form against his with need and want. With fingers as light as feathers he caressed his boyfriend’s skin down his spine and the small of his back, then squeezed his beloved tight butt.

Kneading his tense shoulders, Tegoshi kissed him back with the equal amount of need and insatiable hunger, yet his mouth was gentle and loving and ever so soft. Damn, if he wasn’t the master of kisses!

Reluctant Tegoshi freed his ever-hungry mouth from his boyfriend but hardly moved anywhere. A hot zap of attraction ran through his entire body when their eyes locked on each other, putting a satisfying smile onto his lips.

“Mmmh.. So,” The blonde purred seductively as ever. “You said you want me to play with you, huh?”

Remembering that he had, Yamapi nodded and grinned slyly when a low almost whispered meow escaped his lips. At which Tegoshi rolled his eyes and sighed in defeat.

“Then lay back, shut up and I play with you.”

The blonde pinned Yamapi down by his shoulders and straddled him effectively. With one hand he cupped his cheek and closed the little space between their faces with a chaste, inviting kiss. When he withdrew his thumb brushed affectionately along his boyfriend’s bottom lip.

“MMmm.” Yamapi grinned. “Tell me sweet cheeks, am I going to get fucked?”

With feathery fingers Yamapi caressed his boyfriend’s reddish cheek and let his fingers teasingly trail a wavy pattern down his throat and over his collarbones. There he stopped and hooked through the blonde’s silver necklace, carefully pulling him closer.

“I will fuck you the best I have ever fucked you.”

“Hm, is that so?” Yamapi considered him with serious eyes. “Who decided that you can fuck me though?”

“I did.” Tegoshi grunted. “And I will.” His voice was hot and heavy like his breath against the other’s lips as he spoke with determination.

Damn. He’s just soooo damn hot, Yamapi thought and realized he would let his boyfriend do simply anything to him. Anything. Anytime. Always. Now if that wasn’t crazy!?



Tegoshi looked at him, eyes sparkling, lips forming a genuine smile. Mmm. Yamapi peered up at him and saw the hottest look on his face; cheeks all red and sexy, and eyes sparkling with lust, beautiful and deep enough to get lost in forever. That expression alone had been worth this torturous wait.

“OK.” Yamapi laughed, then pressed a quick kiss against the blonde’s cute nose. “Fuck me.”

Those words and that almost desperate, sexy sound of his voice sent thousands of goose bumps down Tegoshi’s spine. Yes, he declared, that expression alone had been worth this torturous wait. He grinned happily and bent forward to catch his boyfriend’s lips with his, kissing him sweetly, then longer and more passionately as he had planned. He just couldn’t help it, that amazing taste of Yamapi’s lips was simply addictive.

Leaning against a pile of pillows Yamapi wrapped his arms around the blonde’s shoulders and pulled him to lay on his chest. Tegoshi sighed into their kiss, appreciating his boyfriend’s gentle fingers brush through his hair as they tried to be as close to each other as possible.

“Fuck me.” Yamapi breathed against the other’s lips “I want you to fuck me. Now. Yuya.” He whispered encouragingly. “Fuck me, baby.”

Tegoshi’s cock responded well to every word leaving his boyfriend’s lips. Damn. If he just knew how irresistible he is.

Within seconds Tegoshi had fished out a bottle of raspberry lubricant, squirted a good amount on Yamapi’s cock and his hand and began to work his magic. He felt his cheeks heat and flush at the incredibly hot sight of that pink liquid quickly dripping down his boyfriend’s length and the crack of his cute round ass. Fuck. Life could be so wonderful.

Holding up one of Yamapi’s legs, the blonde brushed his slick thumb along the crack of his sexy ass. First teasingly then with more and more eagerness to get his boyfriend hot and ready. He relished that first touch of his slickened hole, getting high on rubbing against the tight ring of muscles and finally pushing in. MMmmm. He knew all to well what a finger slowly pushing in felt like, and how fucking good it was the deeper you went and the better it would get with each time. Damn if it wasn’t one of the hottest things.

With his eyes locked on Yamapi’s twitching cock he soughed quietly, pulling out his finger as slowly as he could. Reaching for his own aching cock he wrapped his hand around the base and began stroking. Mmh.

Difficult to say whether he took more pleasure out of fondling himself or the incredible sensations he got by slowly removing his finger. The first few times pushing in and out are always the most intense; for the one receiving and giving. The muscles are so tight it feels amazing to push through, seeking the slick warmth that will eventually brush against the tip of your finger. And the tingles you get at the back of your neck as you pull out; the tight ring desperately trying to keep you inside.

Tegoshi thought of the sting of pain this would make his boyfriend feel and he almost lost it. That pain was so addictive that he wished he’d be lying on the bed with his legs spread and Yamapi’s fingers probing him instead.

Yamapi’s delightful moans as he was fingering him sent tiny chills down his back, making it difficult to keep his cool. He sighed and bit his lip. Well this was just as good; he reminded himself and continued teasing his boyfriend until he couldn’t stop writhing and wiggling, moaning and gasping under his touch.

“Yuu. Enough. I’m fucking ready you know.”

The words left his lips in a hiss mixed with a whimper and he knew, probably it sounded as if he wasn’t all that sure himself. But he was. He was damned ready to be taken to the moon, around the sun and back by his blonde sexy rock star. Yamapi mentally sighed when he noticed Tegoshi must have totally gotten him right because he then felt a sudden emptiness and cold air against his butt as the mattress moved. He knew if he’d open his eyes he’d see his boyfriends sexy cheeky grin.

Kneeling before Yamapi, Tegoshi rubbed his hard cock against his slickened crack and moaned in pleasure. Damn if that wasn’t heaven. The blonde pressed closer and lowered himself down, nudging the other’s legs further apart in the motion. Yamapi gasped and then sighed when his boyfriend pushed the tip of his erection against, and carefully past that sensitive tight ring of muscles. Tegoshi bent down and stared right into those dark brown eyes he so loved. “Hey.” he breathed drunken high on love and with the widest smile on his lips. Yamapi peered up at him and licked his lips encouragingly. “Hey, sexy boy.” he replied in that husky nearly crackling voice that told Tegoshi just how much he wanted him too.

When Yamapi’s eyes seemed to have gotten lost in his and he then silently nodded Tegoshi knew its meaning and gently, yet with much eagerness, pushed all the way inside. With a soft moan Yamapi let his eyes fall shut and brought his hands towards the blonde’s face. Savoring the sweetest taste of their passionate kiss that followed, he brushed his fingers along his boyfriend’s heated cheeks and murmured in appreciation against his lips.

Tegoshi couldn’t be any more grateful to be alive. He reveled in those incredibly amazing sensations and emotions his boyfriend made him feel. Not only by letting him be inside of him, which truly and honestly was one of the most amazing feelings he could imagine, but with everything he was. Every cell of his being was perfection. And being with and in love with him, as well as being loved back by him was the ultimate perfection of it all.

“You feel incredibly good.” Tegoshi’s words came out on a soft moan, and he pushed back into his lover, taking it a little faster with each time their bodies made contact. Like nothing else he loved that tightness, the hot and wet insides of his boyfriend swallowing him. And even more so he loved to know just how amazing it must feel for him too. “Make that perfect. Not good.” The blonde almost had to hold himself in place because he wanted to catch the exact look in his boyfriend’s eyes. He wanted to see them sparkle just for him. “You’re perfection.” Tegoshi breathed when their eyes met and he saw what he wanted, he saw right thru the soul of the love of his life. Nothing was going to stop him now.

Yamapi could feel himself shiver as he looked up at his boyfriend, who stared at him so intensely and with an expression he doubted was legal. It was everything and nothing he had ever seen outside their small sacred realm and fuck; he wouldn’t want anyone else to ever see it.

Another shiver ran down his spine; he felt himself open up more to welcome his boyfriend’s cock inside again and again. The way his hips rolled, his flesh clashed at his and the sounds he made were such a turn on. Not to mention the feeling of him slipping in so slowly and out with much more speed. Mind-blowing good. Indeed this was perfection.

“No, you’re perfect.” It only took Yamapi a small move to crash their lips together and they instantly lost each other in heated passion and affection with no going back. Both pushed and pulled against and away from each other almost equally much and hard and fast.

Tegoshi knew just exactly how good, fast and hard and in what angle Yamapi liked it and what it took to make him a complete whimpering mess of limbs. And exactly that was what he was going for.

After they went to the moon, around the sun and back together they lay in each other’s arms completely spent and going comatose.

At least that was what Tegoshi’s head felt like; drugged and about to fall into coma. The blonde had no idea how something so amazing could possibly have such a horrible side effect. Well maybe, he wondered, that’s what happens when you get too high on something.

You fly, fall and crash hard. You hit rock bottom, literally, just after the most amazing high ever. So, he sort of had to get to used to it and usually his wounds healed pretty fast, but right now in that very moment he felt rather crappy. He could hardly move any part of his body after he had collapsed right onto his boyfriend’s chest and decided to just stay there until he would be pushed off, which quite often was how it went.

Yamapi neither felt the energy nor the will to move even one inch to either side. So he decided to just bear with his boyfriend’s weight in his stomach, chest and knees. He wasn’t that heavy to be honest though, actually he might not even weigh more than a six year old. During the day that is. Yamapi couldn’t really understand how it was possible for him to suddenly switch from weighing nothing to nearly a ton after they had sex. It was like a feather transformed into Godzilla. Well, maybe that wasn’t the best image to come up with.


Tegoshi asked half heartedly when he noticed a low giggle come from below him.


Now an actual laugh left the older singer’s lips. Tegoshi cracked his eyes open and peered down at him with curiosity.

“Did I fart?”

“No silly, you didn’t”

Yamapi lifted his head just a tiny bit, reached for a pillow and shoved it underneath. He sighed in appreciation. Tegoshi saw the grin on his face and just couldn’t let it go.

“What?” He reached around to brush a streak of sweaty wet hair out of his boyfriend’s eyes. “What are you thinking about?”


Yamapi announced with a serious face.


Tegoshi looked at him in surprise. When the other nodded he began to laugh.

“You have to stop watching those stupid cartoons!”

The blonde suddenly rolled off of his boyfriend and poked him into the side before letting him fall onto a pillow right next to him. He turned to see the relieved expression on his face.

“Am I really that heavy?” He asked with a hint of annoyance. If there was something he couldn’t stand it was to be called fat or heavy weight or anything close to that because he simply wasn’t. Period.

“You’re a smart boy.” Yamapi grinned and reached for the blonde’s beautiful face and let his hand brush along his reddened cheek. “And you know that it’s quite impossible for you to be as heavy as Godzilla.”

Tegoshi snorted in response but Yamapi wasn’t finished yet.

“Godzilla is probably twice as tall as Tokyo Tower and -”

Tegoshi then interrupted his serious speech to add his own impressions and thoughts on Godzilla.

“and he isn’t real. Baby, I’m sorry but Godzilla isn’t real, you know that right?” He spoke slowly and in his best mocking voice possible. This earned him a punch to his shoulder and a sweet, long kiss on the lips.

Then it hit him. Godzilla. Cartoons. Tegoshi suddenly remembered the reason he had returned home so late. Damn. The blonde mentally cursed to himself and slowly released his boyfriend’s mouth.

“Wait. I’ll be right back.”

He managed to say and with his new found energy Tegoshi leaped out of bed and into the bathroom. He picked up a big white towel and spurted into the living room.

“What in the world?” Yamapi whispered but he was the only one in reach as he watched his boyfriend disappear though the door. It might be possible I am dating Spiderman. Yamapi chuckled to himself. Ok maybe he is right, I might be watching too many cartoons.

When Tegoshi came back into the bedroom, white towel neatly put around his waist, Yamapi looked him over with curious eyes. As quickly as ever he jumped right into the center of the bed and flung his hands open as if to give him a big hug. Instead Tegoshi held up a small white plastic bag.

“What’s this?”

Yamapi asked and peered at the almost transparent bag as if he couldn’t wait to open it.

“Yes, you can.”

Tegoshi spoke with a huge grin on his pretty lips.

“I can what?” Yamapi didn’t enjoy it when his boyfriend was so secretive about something. “Be more specific, Sweetie.”

“Yes, my darling, you can open your present!”

The blonde dropped the bag into his boyfriend’s lap and leaned back, watching him as he took it eagerly and pulled the bag open. In no time Yamapi had everything ripped open and poured out on his bed sheets like a four year old having a go at birthday presents. With an incredibly sexy big smile on his lips he almost shouted, “What the fuck is this Yuuya?” then he started to laugh.

Before the two grown men lay a pile of colorful candy in any shape imaginable, red and green bouncy balls, yellow squeaky toys which Tegoshi thought his dog might appreciate more than any child, or man. The blonde joined his laughter and picked up a red toy car.

“Baby, may I introduce you to your brand new car?”

Tegoshi knew when Yamapi rolled his eyes at him he totally did not get the connection.

“You wanted a new car. I read your diary today.”

“Oh.” Yamapi tried to recall what he wrote. “Oh!” then he burst out in laughter. “Wow, look at that. That’s really cute, sweetheart. But tell me, how am I supposed to drive it?”

“Hm. I suppose you could have some wacky doctor shrink you the size of an ant?”

“Then you’d seriously be weighing as much as Godzilla, at least from my point of view.”

This earned him a smack against the shoulder and a tackled down onto the mattress. Hovering over his boyfriend, his silver necklace dangling above his face, Tegoshi smiled.

“Promise me, less cartoons, no wacky doctors, no shrinking and no mentioning of Godzilla again, like ever.”

Yamapi cupped his cheek and batted his lashes, “And what exactly will I gain from that?”

“An incredible amount of the hottest and most intense sex ever.”

That was more a statement than a question.

Liking the sound of that Yamapi nodded and pulled Tegoshi close enough to press a light kiss against his nose.

“With whom?”

He asked teasingly, ready to take any possible form of assault from his boyfriend, which surprisingly didn’t come.

“With me, you big idiot.”

Was all he got before Tegoshi kissed him like a maniac and ready to make sure he would want to keep his promise.


Thanks for enjoying the boys with me :)

This took me quite a lot of time but in the end I am pleased with the outcome!

I hope you liked it too :)
xx Riina

PS: sorry about the BAD formatting and splitting but it was the only way it seemed to work -_-”
LJ really does not like me. I think it's into TegoMass. huhu..

PPS: this is what the surprise bag was supposed to look like, sort of. 

Tegopi are...: accomplished
♥  手越祐也  ♥ TEGOSHI YUYA  ♥  데고시 유야  ♥: GD love u 2yamap_oukoku on August 23rd, 2013 01:42 pm (UTC)
genius huh? =D

I like the sound of that ^_^

so, you enjoyed Yuyu having finally cuffed Pipi for everyone to see?
I mean read. I mean, well, don't think I have written this before. I always wanted and once i started but i guess now i dont need to finish the other story, which was part of the 500days of smut. What u reckon? you would enjoy another one like this?
It will be different tho, just Yuyu having his way with Pi would be an option.

Well, thanks for being my number one fan still! ^^
even after, uh, 4 years? =D

gabs_yuuya: tegopi hartogabs_yuuya on August 23rd, 2013 02:01 pm (UTC)
I mean it! It was really genius xD oh myyy I loved cuffed pi xD so much xD nyahh if you want to write more you know I will love it ^_^ so much xD
EHEHE I'm and still will be for many years to come xD YOu can be sure of that!