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23 August 2013 @ 12:15 pm
Drabble #387  
Trying to bring you the rest of the FINAL of

-> This (#3) This (#2) and This (#1)

This Part works now too! :)

Tegoshi did what he did best. With his boyfriend’s legs held up high he teasingly dragged his tongue along the inside of each thigh, kissing and playfully nibbling at the soft skin in between.


Yamapi wiggled in his lover’s hold, desperate to move, to free himself from that annoyingly tight metal prison around his wrists. That rather intimidating position he was in did not add to his comfort. Tonight his boyfriend really enjoyed to take it slow...


“Had enough fun yet?”


Yamapi finally complained, dancing with his butt as much as it was possible for him to move, which to his complaint wasn’t much. Or maybe he just wasn’t as agile as his boyfriend.  


“My wrists are aching..”  - And my cock is about to fucking explode.


With a grin on his lips Tegoshi dragged his tongue towards the hollow of his knee and then pressed a long kiss against it. He paused for a moment before lifting his gaze to look at Yamapi, who gave up moving and again lay still before him. Beautiful.


He wanted to say something in response, maybe words of appreciation or comfort?

Not only could he hardly sort his thoughts, Tegoshi also wasn’t all too sure what would really be appropriate. This wasn’t the first time they had done this, and they both always enjoyed it. But maybe he was overdoing it a little?


Their eyes locked and by the look on his boyfriend’s face he then was reassured everything was fine. Yamapi was very impatient but fine. With a soothing smile the blonde reached out with one hand, aiming for his lover’s twitching cock. Yamapi’s sigh turned into a moan when he gave his hard cock a few slow, long strokes. Enjoying the sight of beauty before him, he smiled to himself. With the other hand he brought the leg he still held on to closer and kissed his ankle, then his feet.






The soft and warm skin of his lover’s cock felt simply amazing in his hand as he fondled it playfully. The way his fingers became slick with pre-cum and smeared it down his length, telepathically sent tiny electro shocks of arousal through his body and straight to his own erection, begging to be touched.


“If you only knew what you do to me, baby.”


The words left his lips in a hoarse whisper, but didn’t go unnoticed.


“Tell me.”


Yamapi moaned, barely able to speak as the urge to cry out in desperation grew bigger with every teasing touch, a touch that was more a brush of fingers than anything really. Please, just... un-cuff me. When he felt his leg carefully put down he raised his head to see his boyfriend move backwards.


“I rather show you.”


Tegoshi beamed him an excited smile and quickly slipped out of his underwear, dropping it onto the carpet. Yamapi watched the blonde wiggle his sexy butt in mid air before getting comfortable once again in front of his spread legs. At this point he was more than desperate to touch his boyfriend too. He wanted to feel his sexy, bony chest ripple underneath his fingers, wanted to kiss his throat, his shoulders, his belly...More than receiving the pleasure he was about to get, he longed for their bodies to press against each other in a hot and dirty, sticky, sweaty manly kinda way.


He wanted to feel, taste and smell Tegoshi more than anything right now.


This teasing was killing him.  


With gentle hands, cold to the touch, the blonde spread his legs further apart then lowered his head. His soft hair tickled as they came in contact with his skin. Yamapi couldn’t locate exactly where he felt them; everything below his waist was as sensitive as ever and any contact made his senses go haywire. When warm lips pressed against the skin of his groin he looked up to see Tegoshi kiss downwards, lifting both his legs and trailed his tongue over his cheeks and towards his hole. At least that’s what he thought he felt.


Inhaling his boyfriend’s addicting manly, musky scent, Tegoshi licked across his butt hole in long, teasing strokes. Mmm. At the same time his hands gently massages his cheeks, pulling them apart a little more each time his tongue poked around its delicious playground.




Eventually he reached between his own legs and fondled himself along to those sexy moans escaping his boyfriend's lips and the pattern he lapped at that tight hole he longed to fill with all he had offer.


“Oh gods. Yuya. Are you trying to kill me?”


Yamapi groaned and bit his lip. When the blonde popped his head into view, he shot him a glaring look, his eyes glistening with tears. His seemingly upset appearance was practiced enough for him to be taken almost serious.




Tegoshi knew him well enough though. By now he was 150% positive his boyfriend enjoyed it more than he would ever admit. Maybe the handcuffs were a little uncomfortable, he’d give him that. And yes he was incredibly turned on, but wasn’t that the fun of it? They both know where it will lead to, and they would never do any harm to each other that was for sure. After all they did have a safe word which would always be the one and only indication that things had gone over head. This never even nearly happened.


Tegoshi grinned mischievously.


“No baby. Of course not. ”


With swift movements he found himself on top of Yamapi, pressing his own body against his sweaty, naked chest. Mmm. That felt good. He raised one leg so his cock could rub against his. Their eyes met and that sexy look of want made him smile from the bottom of his love filled heart. Lowering his head he caressed his boyfriend’s shoulders and innocently whispered into his ear.


“I just. Want. To fuck you.”


Tegoshi felt his boyfriend shudder at his words and took it as a promising sign. As he leaned forward, caressing along his boyfriend’s arms, his left nipple brushed along Yamapi’s heated cheek, which gave him incredibly good goose bumps. The blonde’s fingers traced the outline of the handcuffs snuggly fit around his lover’s wrists.


“Does my sexy little kitten want me to remove those?”


Tegoshi purred seductively, letting his fingers dance down those strong arms tied together above Yamapi’s head.


“Yuya, come on. Stop calling me that.”


The older singer turned enough to catch one of the sexiest grins on his lover’s lips. Damn. He doesn’t make it easy to be mad at him, ever. And that was when Yamapi knew he had to give in. At least for now.


“Oh oh. Someone is moody.” Tegoshi whispered sweetly “Did my kitten not get enough sleep?” and slowly lowered himself back until their faces were at the same height. He grinned at that fucking adorable frown on his boyfriend’s face. He just doesn’t know how sexy it looks on him.  “I take it my kitten came to enjoy being handcuffed then?”


“Do you want your kitten to agree?”


Yamapi nearly whispered and dipped his head to brush his nose against his lover’s in that sweet, innocent way that always seemed as if it made him blush lightly.


“If you want to keep them on while I fuck you, my little kinky kitten, then yes.”


The older singer mentally rolled his eyes as he considered his boyfriend. The way each letter left his soft lips almost in whisper was just so ridiculously attractive. Once again he realized just how addicted he was to his calm and oh so sexy, seductive voice.


“If I don’t,” Yamapi paused, eyes locked on each other with anticipation. “Will you take them off and let your kitten free?”


“Of course.” The blonde spoke as innocently as ever. “I want my kitten to be happy.”


Yamapi snorted in amusement. With a low click the handcuffs came off and were put away somewhere on the bed he couldn’t see, which didn’t matter the slightest. He couldn’t be more happy the further they went.


“Do you want your kitten to meow in appreciation of your kindness?”


He looked at the blonde with a determined expression, covering up the laugh that tried to escape.


“Now, don’t be silly Pi. Imagine how that sounds.”


Tegoshi eyed him with great curiosity. His boyfriend’s expression suddenly became silly. All the evident seriousness and annoyance of being handcuffed and unable to move or please himself vanished in an instant.


And Tegoshi froze in shock of what followed next.




Out of the blue, Yamapi shrieked as he imitated a cat’s cry, sounding more like he just got run over than anything else.


“Like this. It would. Sound, I mean.”


The older singer pointed out the obvious and gently pawed his star struck boyfriend. He lightly pushed him by his shoulders, enough for the blonde to lose his balance and tip sideways. Then, when Tegoshi only stared at him like he suddenly turned alien and grew a pair of antennae,




he once more meowed chaotically, and almost laughed at how terrible he sounded. The older singer couldn’t care less though, it was only meant to make Tegoshi crack not win an award for best cat imitation.


Even to Yamapi’s surprise his usually shameless boyfriend’s cute round cheeks turned a light shade of red, which made him look as adorable as ever with his totally messed up blonde bed-hair. Actually it was so hot he’d normally call it sex-hair but they hadn’t even gotten to that yet.


“Pii.. stop it!”


Tegoshi complained, still taken aback at the sudden change of, well everything. What happened to I’m going to fuck you? He shook his head, forcing himself to blink the streaks of blonde hair out of his eyes.  “I’m serious. Pi stop messing about. I’m not going to fuck a meowing cat!”


Yamapi leaped forward, purred and playfully pawed at the blonde’s chest, animating him to play in the silliest way he could manage.


“Meeeowww. Meow. Yuuchan. Daisuki. Meow.”


Irritated as hell, Tegoshi tried to catch the other’s hands but he dodged practiced well, and all attempts to put him into place failed. Oh gods, he had to do something. He had to stop his suddenly insane boyfriend. Right now.


“I said stop it.”


“Meow. Play with me. Meow meow meow.”


Yamapi rolled to his side, he couldn’t stop laughing. His boyfriend’s expression as he tried to punch him was priceless. God, how I love my crazy little boy. The blonde’s startled face when he first meowed was burned into his brain forever and would be there to revisit for the rest of his life. It still amazed him how Tegoshi could be so irritated about it, but damn did he not enjoy messing with him.


And for what it was worth he would bring back that hot and sexy scene from a few moments ago in no time, he was sure. They both had the ability to switch from sweet and silly and even insane like right now, to hot and horny and ready to have a go at it in less than a split second, and vice versa. Always. And there were countless times that had proven that. They were just two wild noisy boys at heart.


At one point Tegoshi almost had him pinned down but, with the advantage of a little more strength Yamapi managed to catch him by his wrist and rolled onto his back, pulling the blonde on top of him.


“You know you like it when I meow for you.”

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Tegopi are...: chipper
gabs_yuuya: tego what?gabs_yuuya on August 23rd, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
ahahaha oh my oh my xD pi really did kill me just there xD wahhh I want to see yu's expression too now tho xD
“You know you like it when I meow for you.”
kyahhhh *runs to the last one*

I should have an icon saying pi did what?
♥  手越祐也  ♥ TEGOSHI YUYA  ♥  데고시 유야  ♥: Tegopi_Piiiiiiiiii___WTF!?yamap_oukoku on August 23rd, 2013 01:36 pm (UTC)
or like this? ^^
gabs_yuuya: boys just wanna have fungabs_yuuya on August 23rd, 2013 01:49 pm (UTC)
ahahha lol yeah one like that would work fine too xD omg pi xD really crazy boy but we love him crazy like that just like yu does xD